Exodus Wallet – Best Crypto Wallet for Desktop & Mobile


Exodus wallet- The best multi-currency wallet for beginners 

In a nutshell, we can say that Exodus wallet is a web-based cryptocurrency wallet that gives you the ability to store and manage around 115 crypto coins and tokens including some most popular cryptocurrencies available today. To learn more about this wallet, its features, and how to operate it, we suggest you go through the details that we have given here in this overview.

This decentralized wallet does not charge users any fee for sending or receiving crypto but you might need to pay some network fee which is comparatively low. The Exodus wallet operates through its PC software as well as a mobile-friendly application that can be easily accessed through the official Exodus website.

Learn the way to download Exodus wallet for Windows

To get the Exodus wallet setup file downloaded on a Windows device, we want you to go through and apply the steps that we are going to enlist here:

  1. To begin with, go to the download page of Exodus wallet
  2. The page can be accessed through the URL- https://www.Exodus.com/
  3. Here, click on the “Get Exodus now” option
  4. In the “Desktop” section, click on the “Download Exodus” button
  5. And choose your device’s operating system viz. Windows
  6. This will start the downloading process and you can then click on the file to install it

Similarly, if you want to download Exodus wallet for PC, Mac, or Linux-based devices, you can follow the same set of instructions as given above.

Downloading Exodus bitcoin & crypto wallet on Mobile

If you wish to use Exodus wallet on your mobile phone, then you can follow the steps that we have given below to get the wallet app downloaded on your Android mobile or iPhone:

  1. Open a safe and working browser on your mobile phone
  2. Then, go to the weblink- https://www.Exodus.com/download/
  3. If you are an iPhone user, click “Download on the App Store”
  4. In case you are an Android user, click on “GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY”
  5. The official wallet app will start downloading on your device

Post this, you just need to open the app and start setting up the wallet the way you want.

Setting up a new wallet on Exodus 

After you have downloaded the wallet app or the setup file, you need to follow the steps to create a new wallet for you:

  1. To initiate the setup, open the downloaded app/ setup file
  2. As soon as you do so, you will need to set up a password
  3. When presented with the secret recovery phrase, carefully write it down somewhere
  4. Click “Next” and your wallet is all ready to use

In case you have been logged out of your wallet or you have logged out yourself, then you can follow these steps to regain access to your wallet within a few minutes.

The Exodus log in procedure 

Logging in to an Exodus wallet requires you to follow these simple steps:

  1. To begin, spot and click on the Exodus icon on your browser or phone
  2. On the main login screen, simply enter your Exodus log in password
  3. To continue the process, hit the “Enter” key and enter your wallet
  4. Or, click on the “Restore” option to regain access without entering the password

Is there an Exodus wallet extension?

Exodus wallet is available for multiple devices including Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. Although it is not available in the form of a wallet extension, one can easily download the setup file of the wallet on his device just by navigating to its official website. And the mobile users can use the wallet features through the application that is available on the same website or their device’s application store.


To summarize, we can say that Exodus wallet is a good option for beginners who are looking for crypto storage that could help them store different cryptos in one place. With a user-friendly interface and low transaction fee, this wallet has managed to win the hearts of a lot of new and old crypto traders. So, if you are also searching for a safe wallet that is free and compatible with your device, then why not try this easy-to-use wallet from Exodus.